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Come to the Annual Meeting

I wanted to start this post saying “next week we are hosting our Annual Meeting.”  Or something like that.  There really isn’t a catchy way to say it, to make the idea of an Annual Meeting a more appealing way to spend a Wednesday night in the later half of February.

If you are a member of any non-profit, chances are you have been invited to an Annual Meeting or two.  Maybe you have even attended some of them.  They are pretty formulaic.  A report on the finances.  A slate of officers.  An update from the staff about the year that passed and hopes for the year to come.  Sometimes there is a program.  Sometimes snacks.  Sometimes a dinner.

I can’t say our business will stray far from the formula.  An overview of finances.  An update on the last year.  A slate of officers.  Some teasers about the year to come.

That said, I hope you will come.  Some of it is the same old same old.  But a lot of it and a lot of what we are doing at FCA is trying to make some of that same old new and fun.  Investing in the activity of downtown Fitchburg and the artists that want to build something here.

It is a way to get to know us better.  But more than that, it is a way for us to get to know you.  Who are our membership?  How can we offer programs or services to make your membership a more productive investment in our part of North Central MA?  What do you hope will happen in the year to come?

I could try to dress up this last paragraph with some snazzy adjectives, but really at the end of the day I just hope that you will join us next Wednesday, February 21 at Main Street Studios.  We start the meeting at 6pm.  We hope you will stay for some conversation after that.  And snacks will be served.

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