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Congratulations to the 2021 Recipients of the
Janet Cragin Youth Arts Award!

JCYAA_2021 collage2.jpg

Memorial Middle School

James Cannon 
Kayla Young 
Wesley De Leon Menjivar 
Mayranlelly Vasquez Pacheco 
Georgianna Gallo 
Michael Murphy

McKay Arts Academy
Jaida Ackeifi 
Dennis Williams Jr. 
Alizeya Diaz 
Olivia Michaud 
Alysha  Diaz 
Gabriana Siomos 

Longsjo Middle School
Jacob Khedekar 
Melanney Cruz 
Annika Sundstrom 
Gabriela Rosario Ramirez 
Kyra Colon 
Jaslyn Orris

Sizer School
Violet Malley 
Raine  Ramos 
Joelle Osgood 
Ixchel  Thibault-Munoz 
Callie Seager 
Emilia Robertson 

About the Janet Cragin Youth Arts Award

Each year in May, in honor of Janet Cragin of the Stratton Playhouse, founding member of the FCA, and dedicated servant to the arts for more than 40 years, the FCA recognizes public school children in grades 6 through 8 for their outstanding achievement in the visual arts, performing arts and literary arts. The primary mission of the FCA is to promote the rich and diverse cultural activities that exist in the community. Recognizing and supporting youth in the arts has always been a major focus for the FCA.  


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Visit our Youtube Channel for previous
Youth Arts Award programs

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