FCA Board Members and Affiliation

Congratulations to our 2021 Elected Officers


Jessie Olson,   President, Fitchburg Art Museum

Linda Byrne, Vice President, The Finnish Center at Saima Park

Helen Obermeyer Simmons, Secretary, CMWCA

Jennifer Jones, Treasurer, Past President of FCA

At-Large Appointments 2021

Joe Bowen, Main Street Studios Project Chair

Tamar Russell Brown, Special Projects Development


Stephen DiNatale, Mayor - City of Fitchburg

Nicholas Capasso, Fitchburg Art Museum

Nathan Glenny, Fitchburg Access Television

Susan Navarre, Fitchburg Historical Society

Monica Bourgault, New Players Theatre Guild

Sally Cragin, Stratton Players

Marc Dohan, New Vue Communities

Susan Wadsworth, Central MA Women's Caucus for Art

Wil Darcangelo, First Parish Church of Fitchburg

Carolyn Jones, Associate Rector, Christ  Church

Frank Campo, Events Manager, Fitchburg State University

Sharon Bernard, Director, Fitchburg Public Library

Meet our New President,
Jessie Olson!

Jessie is a familiar face within the arts and culture community.  She is currently the Manager of Membership & Events at the Fitchburg Art Museum, serves on many boards in Fitchburg, and recently served on the FCA executive board as Secretary.  We are extremely proud to welcome Jessie and look forward to her leadership!


A letter from

Jason Parris Fitz-Gerald


Hello Members, Friends, Supporters, and Acquaintances,

My sincere apologies for missing the Annual Meeting.  I received my COVID vaccine on Monday and felt ill on Tuesday so I could not attend. 


Thanks to Jennifer Jones, whom I met when I first came to Fitchburg in 2016. She was very instrumental in encouraging me to accept the position of President.  She also helped me launch my presentation for National Night Out.  So after serving 2 years as President, I think it only right for another person - JESSIE - to take the helm and steer FCA accordingly… and I am confident that she will. Good luck Jessie.


Needless to say that my time as a Fitchburg resident, FAM Docent, Artist, and community participant, and President of Fitchburg Cultural Alliance, have been fruitful. And positively added and expanded my focus to continue serving and building the platform that applauds, embrace, and celebrates diversity... to dance truly to my own innate rhythms...


And although I take leave to pursue my creative calling, I hope to continue my relationship with Fitchburg Cultural Alliance! Thanks,