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Cultural District Project


The Fitchburg Cultural Alliance with its partners submitted an application to designate downtown as a cultural district in 2013. The CD Management Team has been meeting to implement the MCC Site Visit Review Team recommendations noted in a comprehensive evaluation report.  Below is an overview of the project along with application documents and the evaluation report from the MCC Review Team.  


The mission of the Fitchburg Main Street Cultural District is to preserve, celebrate and promote the artistic, historical and cultural assets of Fitchburg that make it a unique and special place to live, work and visit. Cultural District is a new designation by the Massachusetts State Legislature established as an economic development tool. It is given to a specific walkable, geographical area in a city or town that has a concentration of cultural facilities. 


Benefits of a Cultural District 

• Fitchburg will receive state highway signage 

• Make Fitchburg easier to market 

• Will be identified on other cultural district maps & state websites 

• Enrich the quality of experience for residents and visitors 

• Encourage year-round community events and joint programming to maximize them 

• Create a positive atmosphere attractive to residents, businesses & cultural enterprises 

• Encourage best use of historic buildings 

• Better position the City for opportunities for state funding and private grants 

• No fees, dues or costs involved in this designation 


Strategies that will create a successful Cultural District 

• Highway signs will direct tourists to Fitchburg’s Cultural District 

• Public awareness will be stimulated by members placing the logo on their websites and 

linking to other partners within the district. 

• Displaying posters and pamphlets at member places of business 

• Collaborative marketing & communication through links to member websites, Chamber 

of Commerce and other historic public facilities and assets as well as state travel & 

cultural commissions 

• Encouragement of year-round cultural community events calendar 


Goals of the Fitchburg Main Street Cultural District Years 1 & 2 

1. Develop comprehensive inventory of buildings within the District 

ƒ Identify the buildings 

ƒ Identify the owners/landlords 

2. Create assessment document of the buildings 

ƒ Current status of tenancy 

ƒ If vacant, interest by owner of building participating 

ƒ Potential use of the buildings’ spaces 

3. Develop a comprehensive inventory of activities and cultural events within the District 

ƒ Identify groups 

ƒ Identify events 

4. Develop a comprehensive marketing plan for the artistic, historic and cultural assets 

ƒ Website 

ƒ Social media 

ƒ Other tools 


Cultural District Documents

Fitchburg Cultural Assets Map


Fitchburg Cultural District Final Application


Fitchburg Cultural District Evaluation Review



For more information, please contact William McSheehy at:

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